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Sphere Drones is proudly Delair’s exclusive brand partner in Australia.

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Delair‘s UAV solutions are currently in use around the globe by commercial clients in surveying, mining, agriculture, transportation, asset identification and oil and gas to mention a few. The company is considered the world’s leading provider of fixed-wing commercial drone solutions, combining its high-performance and long-range UAV hardware with sophisticated analytics technology and operational services.

UX11 Series

Our Delair collection includes the remarkable UX11 technology – considered the world’s most professional and accurate fixed-wing mapping drones. The UX11 UAV collection features technology including embedded PPK, purpose-designed mapping camera, 3G/4G telemetry and Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) ability. They are, indeed, in a class of their own.

DT18 Series

In addition, we proudly carry the globally recognised Delair DT18 collection. As with the UX11, it is a world-best range of fixed-wing, long-range, survey and monitoring drones. Designed for precision agriculture, large area and corridor mapping, they offer best-in-class coverage and range performance. They are, without question, the perfect solution for accurate and efficient mapping of large areas.

To keep these remarkable birds in the air, we also stock genuine Delair accessories from antenna solutions and communication modules to spare parts.

For us - and for fixed-wing mapping solutions – the Delair collection is simply extraordinary.