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Inspection Solution - Professional Drone Package

Price Match Guarantee

Increase reliability and precision of operations, while improving safety measures with Sphere's custom designed Professional Inspection Solution. 

Increase reliability and precision of operations, while improving safety measures with Sphere's custom designed Professional Inspection Solution. 


The new range of DJI Phantom 4 Professional range have changed the game when it comes to image quality. Featuring a massive 1-inch sensor, they providing incredibly high quality photos and videos at a professional standard. The DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus is at the top of this range. In addition to the upgraded imaging sensor, it features a built in LCD screen on the controller, providing the consumer with an all in one, autonomous control centre. Compared with the Phantom 4, the Pro Plus has an additional 4 obstacle sensors leading to a reduced possibility of collision and increased level of safety and peace of mind. Further features include an increased flight time of 30 minutes, a variety of intelligent flight modes and the option of a damage control plan in DJI Care Refresh.


GPC are industry leaders in the production of high quality, military grade drone cases. The US made case features an industrial strength handle, padlock holes and water-jet precision cut closed cell foam that is resistant to dust and water. The hard exterior case is resistant to water, dust, UV rays and fungus. It has the capacity to house all Phantom 4 models, up to 6 batteries and a range of other accessories including filters, iPad, chargers props and more!


This upgraded battery features a maximum 30 minutes flight time, providing more flight to capture that perfect moment! An in built battery management system is also in place to prevent overheating and draining, and will automatically discharge battery life when placed in storage for long periods of time.

1 x DJI Phantom 4 Pro Plus

3 x DJI Phantom 4 - Part 07 Intelligent Flight Battery (P4STD/PRO/PRO+)

1 x DJI Care Refresh (Phantom 4 Pro / Pro Plus) Australia

1 x Go Professional - DJI Phantom 4 Pro Compact Carrying Case  (FITS ALL P4 MODELS) Props on

1 x DJI Phantom 4 - Part 08 Battery Charging Hub (P4STD/PRO/PRO+)

1 x DJI Phantom 4 - Part 42 Car Charger (P4STD/PRO/PRO+)

1 x DJI Phantom 4 - Part 50 Universal Remote Controller Lanyard (Gray) (P4STD/PRO/PRO+)

Important Safety Information

  • You must operate this aircraft in your line–of–sight in daylight. Do not let it get too far away from you.
  • You must not fly closer than 30 metres to vehicles, boats, buildings or people.
  • You must not fly over any populous area, such as beaches, other people’s backyards, heavily populated parks, or sports ovals where there is a game in progress.
  • If you are in controlled airspace, which covers most Australian cities, you must not fly higher than 400 feet (120 metres).
  • You should not fly within 5.5km of an airfield.
  • It’s illegal to fly for money or economic reward unless you have an Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operating Certificate (ReOC) or are flying in accordance with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) guidelines (More info: CASA Commercial RPA Use).