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HEXO+ Adventurers Package

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The Hexo+ Adventurers Package combines the most essential items required for a smooth experience. It includes a Hexo+ Drone, 2 x hexo+ Batteries and a Dakine Adventurer Backpack. 

The Hexo+ Adventurers Package combines the most essential items required for a smooth experience. It includes a Hexo+ Drone, 2 x hexo+ Batteries and a Dakine Adventurer Backpack. 

The Hexo+ Drone is your self-flying camera: an intelligent drone and an app designed to create awesome video footage of yourself, without any piloting involved. It will follow you from above in any condition or environment you may be in whether riding on a camel in the Sahara Desert or abseiling in the Blue Mountains. With a couple of taps on your smartphone you are able to capture a birds eye video of all your special moments up to 70 kilometres per hour to 45 meters per hour top velocity. There is absolutely no piloting involved from you at all. From the moment your Hexo+ is up in the air your only responsibility to use the toolbox on your smartphone to either 'follow', 'slide', 'pan', 'hover', 'fly', 'close', 'far', 'in' or 'out'. It's speed and responsiveness to predict tracking algorithms and to track the quickest subject below has never been accessible by a drone before. Enjoy the Hexo+ with its 3-axis gimbal and camera movement mobile app to record totally stabilised aerial images and video. Please Note: Requires GoPro Hero 3+ or 4. Go Pro not included.

The HEXO+ 5,000mAh 3S is an extra rechargeable lithium polymer battery for thewith a specific casing. Connects and fit perfectly your HEXO+. It only takes a few seconds to swap batteries batteries on your HEXO+ so that you have unlimited flight time.

The Dakine Adventurer Backpack is the perfect day pack to carry Hexo+. Light and small, simply attach Hexo+ on the exterior of the pack to take it on your next adventure. It will be delivered with a useful rain cover which will protect your Hexo+ from the rain if weather isn’t as nice as you expected it to be.


    Hexo+ Features:

    • Completely Self-Flying; the app controls your drone from takeoff to flight and until landing 
    • Perfect Framing and Tracking; the proprietary framing and tracking algorithm enables constant framing and image stability
    • Beautiful Camera Movements; built-in library with dozens of cinematic camera movements created by motion picture experts
    • Easy to Pack; fits on or in a backpack, tool-free removable props, feet and gimbal
    • Easy Battery Swap; 5-second battery replacement for multiple flights
    • Perfectly stable footage; 3-axis gimbal for state of the art image stabilisation
    • GoPro Compatible; ready to fly the world's best action camera
    • Custom Camera Movement; customise and combine movements
    • Safety First; built-in fail-safe scenarios in case of failure
    • Futureproof; quarterly functional upgrades of the app and firmware
    • RC Compatible; fly Hexo+ with an RC if you need to 
    • Adventure Proof; durable construction, all condition design
    • Fast and Stable; props design and 45 mph max speed
    • Requires GoPro Hero 3+ or Hero 4
    • GoPro not included

    Whats Included:

    • Hexo+ drone and propellers
    • 3D gimbal
    • Landing gears
    • Battery and charger
    • Quickstart guide
    • Hexo+ app
    • 2 x Hexo+ Batteries (additional)
    • Dakine Adventurer Backpack

    Weight and dimensions

    • Width: 435mm without propellers
    • Length: 410mm without propellers
    • Height: 244mm with feet, 103mm without feet
    • Weight: 1.7kg including battery and gimbal

    Power and Battery: 

    • Replaceable 5000 mAh 3S lithium-polymer battery 
    • 10 to 15 minutes of flight time per battery, depending on flight conditions
    • Universal charger adapter included


    • 3 Clockwise and 3 Counterclockwise-rotating Propellers: custom design with maximum thrust/power ratio. Tool-free, screw-on assembly with color coded nuts matching the motors.
    • 6 Custom-designed motors: Color coded to match rational motion with the right propeller.

    Maximum speed: 70 KM/H

    Maximum range: up to 100m (when using the Follow movement)

    Landing gear: Included


    • Digital compass
    • GPS antenna (compatible with GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and SBAS)
    • Accelerometer
    • 3-axis gyroscope


    • 3-axis stabilisation (yaw, pitch, roll)
    • 0 degree to 90 degree motion range on all 3 axis
    • Compatible with GoPro Hero3 and Hero4 Silver and Black
    • Removable without any tools

    Bluetooth: V2.1

    Drone controls:

    • Status led
    • Power switch

    Camera Movements:

    Landing modes:

    Fail-safe scenarios:

    • Low battery on your phone
    • Low battery on the drone
    • Loss of connection between the phone and the drone
    • Loss of GPS signal
    • Out of range flight
    • Magnetometer failure

    Emergency Stop: Switch motors off by pressing for 5 seconds anywhere on the interface