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Now your weather station can speak for itself!

WeatherVox is the newest and most exciting electronic weather instrument available anywhere in the world today. It's cutting edge technology enables users to access accurate and up-to-the minute weather reports by using a telephone or 2 way radio network.


Dial into the WeatherVox at any time and recieve a weather report by voice.
Present outdoor temperature (F or C)
Wind Speed and Direction (mph/kph/kn/mpsec)
Accumulative rainfall (inches/mm/cm)
Wind Chill (F or C)
Report usage of WeatherVox to owner by DTMF code
WeatherVox is Austel approved, NZ Telecom approved and FCC (part 15) approved.
For weather stations that include barometric pressure and relative humidity these voice reports would also be available. Units would include mB, hPa, mm of mercury and inches of mercury for Barometric pressure, percentage for Relative Humidity. Indoor temperature also reported (F or C).


Welcome message at beginning of call
Time and date of current call
Dew Point
Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly total rainfall
Report if Barometric pressure is rising, falling or steady
Max wind speed and direction for current day and time (Peak Gust)
Max and Min outdoor temperature for the current day and time
Lowest overnight temperature and time (overnight frost)
Average wind speed and direction for current day and time
Wind direction in degrees or cardinal points (Ultimeter 2000 & Davis)


Battery Backup of PIN no. and Phone no. to dial
Real time clock on board
DTMF decoder
Call progress decoder
PTT Circuitry for connection to 2 way radio (optional)
-operate by DTMF or Contact Closure
8 dip switch settings for user defaults
3 minutes of speech on board
Small foot print size
Entering of a PIN no. to be able to access voice reports
Low current draw
- 85mA on idle
- 135mA activated


Peet Bros Ultimeter 100, 800, 2000 or 2100


Fax/Modem chip to send a page of the current weather or data sent to a PC via the modem.
DTMF encoding
Low voltage relay outputs
6 minutes of speech