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Case Studies
Case Study: Sydney Water
New age water sampling.

The Challenge.

In 2016, Sydney Water approached us with a challenging, but exciting vision of implementing drone technologies to enhance the efficiency of their water sampling program. As a new application, we were tasked with creating a fully functioning water sampling (payload) pump and having it mounted on an appropriate drone.

The Preparation

A challenging brief, our team began to research and develop the project requirements. Utilising 3D printing technology, we designed and then built a proprietary drone-mounted water pump.

The Solution

With the drone, pump and reservoir payload, water samples were taken by remote control. The drone was piloted to the desired location and a custom switch allowed the operator to activate the pump. The sample water then fed up a hose to the reservoir tank.

The Equipment
DJI Matrice 600

with custom UAV water pump.

For this unique project, we developed and built the custom water sampling pump. With a 2-litre capacity, it was mounted to our DJI Matrice 600. With the 1.6kg payload, it had 30 minutes of flight time and could withstand 28.8km wind resistance.

The Result

This unique application allowed Sydney Water to substantially increase the safety, efficiency and productivity of their water sampling operations. In direct comparison to previous β€˜boat’ testing, the solution was able to dramatically reduce both the time taken, the fuel needed and the personnel required to undertake the same sampling procedure. As important, the drone and payload solution allowed access to sites unreachable by boat, including those situated in dangerous locations or exposed to rough ocean conditions.