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Drone rental. Simple. Easy. Cost effective.

Why not fly what you really want to fly? Never compromise when you can have the latest drone, payload and software options without the upfront capital costs.

If you don’t like it, give it back!

Why buy a drone unless you are 100 per cent certain it’s the right one? Rent and trial the best drones in the world without compromise and without capital commitment.

The Delair UX11 PPK
is available to rent.

The latest cutting edge technology

For new and small operators, it’s difficult to stay on top of rapidly advancing drone, payload and software technology. Let us do it for you.

Repairs are not your concern

Our rental drones are never outdated, maintained to a precision standard and always ready to fly. Your hardest decision will be, ‘which one?’

Tax deductible? Really?

Our commercial rental options may be considered a legitimate tax deduction. Drone rental is the logical business choice

Meeting our rental requirements

We operate to the professional safety standards as specified by the Civil Aviation safety Authority (CASA). To rent from us, the following three requirements must be met at a minimum.
  • For your and our protection, you need to hold a valid and current Remote Pilot Licence also known as an (RePL).
  • If you want to fly commercially, you need to have or work under an organisation that holds a current remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) operators certificate, also known as (ReOC).
  • You will need to have your own public liability and ‘hull’ insurance.
  • You will need provide a Certificate of Currency (official proof of your insurance) with Sphere Drones listed as an ‘interested party’ as we are officially the owner of the rental equipment.

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