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Repair Form

From time to time, your drone may require repair or a firmware update.

Don’t worry! We can fix it! 

We’re proudly ranked the #1 drone repair centre in Australia. At Sphere Drones, we have a reputation for fixing drones, fast! How do we do this? It’s simple. By having a huge team of young genius drone technicians, access to sophisticated software, and a huge warehouse full of stocked parts. 

Drones we fix?

  • DJI Drones (Consumer, Professional and Enterprise)
  • Parrot Drones

What we do?

At Sphere Drones, we diagnose and repair your drone from crashes or any other functional errors or problems.

Our low flat-rate service fee of $150.00 (GST inclusive) covers you for all the time that our technicians spend assessing your drone. It also includes return shipping. 

Please note, if we need to replace any parts, we notify you prior to repair as parts and labour are not included in the service fee. If you decide to go ahead with repair, we will credit $50 of the assessment fee towards the cost of repair.

How we do it?

  1. Fill out the form below, providing as much information in the form as possible to aid our technical team in performing your repair assessment. 
  2. Provide photos or copies of any relevant information, to assist further.
  3. Pay the $150.00 assessment and shipping fee. (Only PayPal is offered at this time. If you require a different method of payment, please give us a call)
  4. Send the drone to us, with documentation (details provided once form is filled out).
  5. On receipt of the drone, one of our Sphere team members will contact you with an update and a quote.


  • Please DO NOT send batteries with your repair. 
  • We do not fix water damage or flyaway units. 
  • Please pack and ship only your drone and remote control using a standard shipping box.
  • We do not need accessories like batteries, memory cards, chargers, cables or propellers.
  • We are not liable for any damage or loss of accessories shipped with your drone.
  • If you send your drone in a hard case or oversized case, it may be subject to additional shipping costs.


    Thank you for submitting the repair form.

    A confirmation email has been sent to the specified email address. Please send your repair and a copy of the email to:

    Sphere Drones
    Tech Support
    Unit 21/110 Bourke Rd,
    Alexandria, NSW 2015