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Sphere Drones Commercial

We provide a number of different services and solutions to our customers, targeted through both our commercial and retail divisions.

While many industries are only now beginning to see the scope and opportunity drone technology can provide, Sphere is already leading the way with established innovation and drone capability tested, operating and meeting challenges these emerging industries are only now grappling with.

Sphere’s developments in commercial drone technology has already highlighted the ability drones have to perform previously unheard of tasks; from capturing data-rich imagery to water sample collection. These drones can access some of the most remote, inhospitable and inaccessible environments, enabling commercial clients to capture imagery, material samples and perform tasks which were once considered impossible.

Many industries are already benefitting from Sphere’s expertise include search and rescue, film production, mining, agriculture, mapping and surveying, asset inspection and surveillance. Sphere’s innovative approach and development capability enables these industries to achieve their previously difficult, costly (and sometimes impossible) applications successfully, efficiently and cost effectively.

Aerial Services
Sphere’s Aerial Division, a natural extension of the business yet already in high-demand, is the provision of professional piloted drone services for clients. These clients require timely or previously untenable services performed by drones and guided by professional drone pilots. Operating under CASA certification ReOC #1114, Sphere’s professional pilots operate drones and perform tasks from capturing high resolution and professional imagery to water sampling in inaccessible areas. The demand for this service is substantial and offers real solutions for a growing number of key industries throughout Australia.
Asset Inspections
  • Asset Inspections
  • Mapping and Surveying
  • Photography and Video
  • Real Estate
  • Specialised Operations
Asset Inspections
Inspecting assets or infrastructure can be logistically complex and also present various health and safety risks. Our experienced, highly-qualified drone operators can remove those complexities by doing the work for you. We only use cutting-edge drone technology to capture high-definition imagery in hard-to-access or high-risk areas, such as power plants, wind turbines, mines or oil and gas facilities.
Mapping and Surveying
If you need to carry out aerial mapping or surveying, let our professional Sphere experts and operators do the work for you.Our drone operators can collect accurate and up-to-date data for you with a remotely piloted aircraft, which delivers unparalleled visual insights and provides your business with an incredibly cost-effective method of detailed mapping and surveying.
Photography and Video
If you’re planning an artistic endeavour or video project, or capturing a special moment, our Sphere drone operators can execute your venture with superior creativity and professionalism. Our passionate team will consult and collaborate with you to ensure we understand the unique needs of your project, and we will deliver your creative vision with our trademark personalisation, passion and aesthetic innovation.
Real Estate
In the competitive real estate market, it’s critical to have an edge and the ability to present your properties in the most innovative and visual way possible. Here at Sphere, we aim to generate greater interest and achieve higher sales outcomes for your clients through the latest in drone technologies. Sphere delivers the ultimate competitive advantage by providing you with our superior aerial video and stills photography service. While you focus on marketing and selling your properties, our experienced, CASA-certified UAV operators will showcase every impressive feature of a property to potential buyers that simply cannot be reached through traditional photography.
Specialised Operations
As Australia’s leading provider of aerial services, Sphere has the resources and know-how to deliver customised drone solutions for any specialised operation. If you have a custom job in mind, our experienced, CASA-qualified drone operators will guide you through a personalised consultation process. In doing so, we will discover your unique needs and deliver a strategy to execute your operation with superior accuracy and professionalism.

“ We have worked with all levels of drone operators for many different levels of production. Sphere were by far the most professional and easiest to deal with, and the most thorough in their preparation and approach. I felt at ease knowing they were considering the details of the shoot even more than I was and the footage was extremely good..”

Joel, Director, La Lune Cinema

Industrial Applications
  • Custom Drone Solutions
  • Agricultural Drones
  • Search and Rescue Drones
  • Inspection Drones
  • Mapping Drones
  • Surveillance Drones
  • Construction/Real Estate Drones
  • Mining Drones
Custom Drone Solutions
Not all jobs and applications for UAV’s fall under the already established industries. Get in touch with our team of experts to make your idea come to life. With our cutting edge facilities and years of industry knowledge, we can custom tailor a drone solution suited to your exact needs.
Agricultural Drones
For years, farmers have been engaging in a range of labour intensive activities and work processes to ensure a plentiful yield. The introduction of drone technology into the agricultural industry has paved the way for the replacement of many of these inefficient methods. By reducing labour and capital requirements, land owners can significantly increase their productivity.
Search and Rescue Drones
When public safety and community wellbeing are on the line, search and rescue operations need to function seamlessly and at the highest of standards. Our advanced selection of aerial and imaging platforms will ensure these standards are met while enhancing the scope and efficiency of missions.
Inspection Drones
Asset inspection has thrived enormously from the utilisation of drones. Access to dangerous and hard to reach aerial perspectives is now possible without the need for traditional methods such as helicopter inspection.
Mapping Drones
Mapping and surveying processes have been significantly streamlined and since the application of drones within the industry. Operators can now cover large areas with
Surveillance Drones
Since the application of drones for surveillance, new meaning has been given to the phrase ‘eyes in the sky’. With a number of different payload options including thermal imaging, operators can effectively and efficiently monitor sites in a host of different conditions.
Construction/Real Estate Drones
An aerial perspective of a property or worksite can provide developers and agents with images useful for a range of purposes. From displaying a property and its surroundings from a birds eye view, to planning and monitoring worksite developments, the opportunities are endless.
Mining Drones
The large scale and land intensive nature of mining activities makes the industry ideal for aerial imagery. Users can take advantage of various payload options including thermal cameras for stockpile monitoring and LIDAR units for accurate mapping out prospective mine sites.

Photography & Cinematography

Take cinematography to the next level with our professional range of aerial platforms and cameras.

Filmmakers the world over are now choosing to adopt an aerial cinematography platform to transform their projects into visually stunning masterpieces. Since the release of the DJI Inspire 2, aerial photography has taken a giant leap. With a range of customisable lenses and an array of film-specific features and flight modes, our range of products will meet the requirements at all levels of production.
Training & Certification
Looking to improve your skills as a pilot? Our range of training programs cater to all experience levels, from beginners to professionals.
Remote Pilot License
If you would like to fly a drone commercially in Australia (under a registered RPA Operator Certificate), you must obtain a certified Remote Pilot License (RePL). We offer a variety of options including a 5-day intensive face-to-face course, or for experienced pilots, there is shorter online version.
RPA Operator Certificate (ReOC)
In order to operate a drone in Australia beyond a 2kg weight limit, licensed pilots are also required to operate under, or have a valid, authorised RPA Operator Certificate. For the pilot this can be a time consuming process that requires advanced aviation knowledge. To help you through this, we compile and fast track the required manuals to ensure you are out flying commercially as soon as possible.
Business Startup Consultation
Come and speak to our business team about what is required to qualified and operational under your own entity. Our qualified pilots and business gurus will sit down with you and go through all the necessary steps to get you in your feet and in the skies!
Introduction to
Flying a drone for the first time can be a daunting experience. Our custom tailored introductory training session will take you through all the required steps to get you in the sky with confidence. Upon completion of the required safety and regulation procedures, participants will be taught a range of different skillsets to ensure they are capturing breathtaking sceneries!