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About Sphere Drones

Sphere Drones is an Australian dealer of DJI Drone products. Sphere Drones and Paris Radio Electronics are the divisions of Sphere Communications Pty Ltd, an Australian owned, family run business based in Sydney, Australia.

A childhood passion turned passionate profession, Sphere Drones has evolved into Australia’s leading provider of drones and proprietary drone solutions.

Amidst the phenomenal rise and popularity of consumer drones and leveraging their extensive background in radio electronics, father and son team, Jack and Paris, recognised the untapped potential of drone technology across multiple industries and applications. It was this knowledge that saw the establishment of Sphere Drones in 2012.The team’s powerhouse knowledge in drone technology and understanding of aerial platforms and innovation, saw them develop in an industry where today, the potential of drone application and technology is simply unbounded by category or indeed, industry.

Since establishment, their passion for identifying opportunities beyond the mainstream has grown at an exponential rate and today, they develop proprietary drone technology and identify drone solutions previously unseen and in many cases, unimagined. Quite simply, Sphere operate on the leading edge of the industry and are relentlessly seeking new ways to develop and enhance drone capabilities. 

Their goal is simple: 

To provide a drone solution that always exceeds a client’s needs and expectations

Proudly Australian and fiercely competitive, this family operated business located in Alexandria, Sydney, caters to consumer and commercial clients nation-wide. Understanding each and every client’s needs not only ensures tailored solutions, but expands their own, and indeed the industry’s, knowledge base.

Sydney based. Serving Australia. 

Sphere Drones is located in the inner Sydney suburb of Alexandria. Their facility is state-of-the-art and combined with some the industry’s leading personnel – it is THE location to identify a solution for your needs.

The facility provides the ultimate in drone solutions, sales, service and industry advice, allowing the creation and ability to drive across-the-board solutions for clients from commercial sectors to consumer enthusiasts. As a research and development facility (R&D), Sphere also develop drones and drone equipment for today’s expanding applications and offer unique service options, proprietary design and fabrication scope to ensure client application is achieved and expectation exceeded.