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Tersus GNSS Solutions

Sphere Drones proudly carries and supports the Tersus range of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and Real time Kinematic (RTK) systems and solutions.

Tersus is a global and renowned UAV provider of high-precision GNSS RTK solutions. They design and manufacture lightweight, smart and precise RTK modules that enable large-scale drone deployment in a cost-efficient way – perfect for Australian conditions.

As part of our application focus, we will engage Terus products to help Australian surveying interests make their data collection more convenient, post (data collection) processing more accurate and, overall, better equip them for field surveying.

Tersus products will also help modern Australian agriculture operate more precisely and cost effectively. As part of this, change how farming machinery operates by automating the control of guidance that enables farmers to improve productivity with less user input. In addition, aid automation and precision in seeding, spraying and harvesting.

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