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Inspection Drones

The inspection of equipment and facilities in various industries presents several logistical complications, as well as considerable healthy and safety risks. Complex layouts, geographical vastness and the need to send inspectors out on foot also potentially diminishes operational productivity.  

Our comprehensive range of industry-leading drones eliminate the hassle of traditional inspection methods. In solar energy plants, our drones allow inspectors to identify compromised temperatures, enabling immediate action to be taken on isolated panels. 

Our range of UAVs also have the capacity to inspect wind turbines, power plants and oil and gas facilities with accuracy and precision. High altitude thermal detection technology identifies structural weaknesses and leaks undetectable to the naked eye, allowing inspectors to make critical decisions and carry out immediate repairs.

Drone technology dramatically increases operational efficiency: data can be accessed onsite or remotely, facilities don’t need to be shut down while inspections are completed, and maintenance teams are only deployed to specific problem areas. 

At Sphere, we’re the experts in drone technology. If your goal is to improve your workflow, increase your productivity and logistical operations, come and chat to us.

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