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ImmersionRC for Sale in Australia

Sphere is proud to introduce an exclusive partnership with ImmersionRC - stocking the latest in 5.8Ghz Transmitters and Upgradable PRO FPV Antennas. Check out our product line for more info.

The ImmersionRC is a world leader in technical development, leading the world in FPV innovation. For 10 years, the brand has been the number one choice of professionals and hobbyists across the world. 

At Sphere, we focus on choosing only the drones that can be used across a variety of platforms, able to perform many tasks with ease. The ImmersionRC is just this sort of drone, able to be used easily in any industry and with any application. 

Our products are the preferred technology for a range of industries, including agricultural and farming, industrial and cinematography. As well as this, we are the chosen supplier to the NSW and VIC Police Forces, the Australian Federal Police and various universities across Australia. 

Used in professional settings across the board, they offer a consistency that can’t be found elsewhere. This means they’re simple to integrate into your workflow in order to achieve superior results. 

What is the difference when you shop with Sphere? 

Since 1954, we have been based out of Sydney, providing customers across the country with superior products, equipment and accessories. This means that we have built up a trusted reputation across the past half-decade, which leads us to put the customer first, every time. This, combined with our exceptional quality products, helps us pave the way for innovation. 

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We’re proud to offer superior customer service across the board, to help you select the perfect drones for your needs. If you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with more information, including on specification, prices and much more.
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