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GoPro Cases

Choose Us for the Highest Quality GoPro Cases 

Sphere is dedicated to providing only the highest quality products for highly integrative and creative mobile filming. 

From our highly intelligent DJI drones to our huge selection of GoPro cameras, accessories, filters, and memory cards, Sphere is one of Australia’s most trusted and reputable suppliers of action cameras for professionals and enthusiasts alike. 

We provide GoPro users with a wide range of cases and covers that are guaranteed to keep your GoPro protected from the elements and maintain its longevity. 

Why purchase a GoPro Case? 

It is important to purchase a GoPro camera to keep it protected from unpredictable weather conditions and to keep it safe when you are camping, hiking, mountain biking etc. 

If you do not have a protective case for your GoPro it will be susceptible to the elements and from general damage (i.e. being bumped around in the passenger seat of your car!).

Having a reliable GoPro case will keep it safe from unnecessary damage, and will increase the lifespan of your investment. 

How to choose the right GoPro Case

Choosing the right case for your GoPro depends on what accessories you are using for your GoPro, the number of GoPro’s you have, and what size case you would like. 

You also should decide what kind of material you would like your case to have: do you want a soft fabric case? Or soft shell? 

Take a look at our range of GoPro cases, drone cases, and backpacks to decide which one is perfect for you and your GoPro.

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