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FPV Gear

FPV is the first-person viewpoint.

For you to see what your mounted camera see's (FPV) the following products are required:

  1. Monitor - Featured 7" monitor is the most common size and commonly used amongst all pilots.
  2. Downlink - Includes a Receiver and Transmitter that shoots video from the GoPro to the Grounded Monitor.
  3. iOSD Module (Optional) - Live data feed through monitor like; power percentage, GPS satellites, distance, height, angle, vertical speed, voltage, home direction(degrees)
  4. FPV Cable and Hub - Recommended unless you have a desire to solder!

Finally mounting items on board your drone is somewhat easy if you have a technical background. If you would like us to mount FPV equipment for you we are happy to do so. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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