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Education Kits

At Sphere, we are passionate about supporting the Australian parents, primary and secondary teachers who are transforming the learners of today into the innovators of tomorrow. 

Each member of our experienced, knowledgeable team is excited about technology and its power to give students a platform to experience, experiment and apply their learning into real-world applications.

That’s why we create customised Education Kits for schools and STEM-based learning programs. Our kits contain components that give students the opportunity to create stimulating school projects that will give not only ignite their curiosity, but also prepare them for future success.  

In every Education Kit, students will receive all parts for their project, along with a comprehensive instructional manual that teaches them about assembling, coding, programming, engineering, 3D printing and robotics.

The sky is the limit with learning, so talk to us today about how we can help your students reach their full potential through technology. We will happily tailor an Education Kit to suit your school’s unique learning strategy, so contact us on 02 9318 0566 to get your project started. 

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