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Australia (DJI Phantom 2/3, 3DR Solo, Inspire 1, S900, S1000)

Looking to take the high-flying approach to taking photos and shooting videos? Get yourself a DJI S1000 or DJI S900 anywhere in Australia – order a drone from us at Sphere Communications. Not only do we sell 100% authentic and genuine drone devices, we also have a huge range of DJI S1000 and DJI S900 accessories.

Our affordable products make it easy to replace any parts of your drone – or attach a camera or GoPro. Take a good look at our selection if you want to take your photography or videography to the very next level.

At Sphere Drones, we are happy to ship our products all over Australia. It’s easy to check our shipping rates at check-out, as well.

We are happy to be an Australian family-owned business that has been in operation for over 60 years. Our professional and friendly team are more than happy to talk to you about the products we provide – or answer any questions you may have about our shipping policies. Simply give us a ring at 1800 119 111. If you’re unsure about which drone is best for you, we’re also ready to give you some valuable advice on whether to purchase the DJI S1000 or the DJI S900 

ALL DJI Stock 100% Australian
We support 100% warranty claims through an Australian Owned Workshop.
We are keeping an up to date DJI FAQ. Check it out.
Search our website for parts. Stocking every part available to the Phantom and S800 Range.
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