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3D Printers

At Sphere, we’re the experts in 3D printing, an exciting technology that’s already transformed the way we print objects such as commercial products, tools, toys, clothing and housing, as well as parts for machines, airplanes and cars even human bodies. 

3D printing is part of a process known as additive manufacturing, where once an object is designed, it’s created by a printer which adds the material, layer by layer. 

Our team can bring your project to life by printing the files that you send to us, or our knowledgeable staff can train you comprehensively to understand the software, create a blueprint, prepare a 3D model and print your designs yourself.  

If you want to take control of your entire project, we sell 3D printers and filaments from global leaders such as MakerBot, and we can service your printer when required.  

From architecture to archeology, 3D printing is one of the most captivating emerging technologies which has revolutionised the way we work, live and play. If you’d like to learn more about 3D printing, talk to us today.

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