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#The Drone Traveller

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Recent travels have taken a member of Sphere to South Africa. A DJI Phantom 3 Professional was packed in the hand luggage and taken to South Africa. Below we identified the general notes, drone laws and travel notes when flying and traveling amongst South Africa. Please note that all photographs of travels are presented on social media outlets. Drone Laws: South African drone laws are conveyed on the South African Civil Aviation Authority website, general rules like keeping at distance from populous areas and restraining from flying to close proximity to Airports is identified. Additional it is outlined that any...

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The Backpack On all the trips we have been on, the best case to utilise is the Think Tank Airport Accelerator - this backpack is the most easy to use, modular and dynamic backpack we have come across. Think Tank is a world renowned camera/travel bag for sensitive technology. Capable of holding your travel essentials. On a recent trip the backpack held the following: 1 x DJI Phantom 3 Professional 1 x DJI Phantom 3 Hand Controller 1 x DJI Phantom 3 Charger 3 x DJI Phantom 3 Batteries 2 x Complete Propeller Sets 1 x 15โ€ Macbook Pro and...

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Traveling from time zone to time zone, this blog will identify the inโ€™s and outs of traveling with a drone. Sphere encourages anyone to write in and provide an experience travelling abroad with a drones. Laws and regulations differ world wide and we rely on governing agencies to provide information however majority of time the information we require takes hours upon hours to dig up. Current Travel Insightsย  Throughout the blog we identify new places of interest sharing not only the legal insight with regards to drone laws, but additionally the amazing photography this emerging technology is capable of capturing....

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